Zero hosting Webinar about Electric Motorcycle technology – July 8th

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Zero Motorcycles is hosting a webinar about the technology that goes into their electric motorcycles in addition to their powertrains. Abe Askenazi, Chief Technology Officer of Zero Motorcycles, will be on hand to lead the “ZeroCast” webinar as they are calling it.

Here is the description regarding the electric motorcycle webinar;

Join us for our first ever “ZeroCast” webinar to get inside the technology that makes Zero tick. Zero CTO, Abe Askenazi, will discuss electric motorcycles and our proprietary Z-Force powertrain. Wednesday, July 8th, 1-2pm PDT.

There is no cost to attend the ZeroCast webinar as it seems to be an educational and good promotional tool for Zero.

No signup required to view, but a free login is needed to participate.

While it’s great Zero Motorcycles is holding this webinar and giving fans an inside look into the company, I believe it is a calculated PR move.  I imagine the reason Zero is holding this “ZeroCast” webinar is because there has been chatter from unhappy owners on various electric motorcycle communities online.  Several people have reported issues of their motors failing within 2-3 years, after the warranty of their Zero motorcycle expired.  I’ve also read Zero owners complaining that batteries have died and “bricked” their bikes, which is an electric vehicle term meaning it is completely inoperable.  Owners seem to have had a lot of difficulty dealing with dealerships in regards to fixing their Zero electric motorcycles and getting answers from the company in a timely manner about repair solutions.  Some dealerships are uninterested in working on Zero bikes or flatly refuse, which is obviously a big issue if your electric bike needs repair.

Zero wants to combat fears that their bikes are unreliable, difficult to fix and repair, and expensive when something is needed.  Some of the problems that people have had to deal with are quite expensive.  This is somewhat contrary to Zero’s marketing of being “maintenance free’ compared to gas motorcycles and less expensive when calculating total cost of ownership.

For those interested in attending the ZeroCast webinar with Abe Askenazi you can sign-up here.  It takes place on July 8th, Wednesday 1-2 pm, Pacific Standard Time as Zero’s headquarters is in Santa Cruz, California.

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