Yoshihiro Kishimoto Pikes Peak run – Team Mirai [VIDEO]

yoshihiro kishimoto

Yoshihiro Kishimoto was one of the riders at this year’s famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) with an electric motorcycle on the mountain. Kishimoto races for Team Mirai which is a Japanese company that built a custom electric motorcycle for this year’s race.  In the past Mirai has competed at the Isle of Man TT Zero and other season’s at Pikes Peak.

Mirai and Kishimoto were in first place in the Electric Modified Bike class this year with an unofficial time of 10:58.861. That time was pulled from LiveTiming.net and it states that it is not an official time.  The track was shorter this year due to bad weather at the top of the mountain and it’s unclear how that will factor into the race results.  Colorado has seen a lot of bad weather during the summer this year. Still with that time Mirai finished 29th against all motorcycle and cars in the race.

Editor’s Note – FYI, you might get annoyed by the sound from the video. It’s not actually from the bike but Pikes Peak regulations state that electric vehicles need some sort of “noise maker” so that people on the course know they are coming. They are much quieter than gas vehicles. 🙂

 Yoshihiro Kishimoto (Mirai) – Pikes Peak

I wish I could provide more details about the bike being ridden by Yoshihiro Kishimoto at Pikes Peak by the Mirai website is all in Japanese.  Using Google Translate I see information about the motorcycle they built for the Ilse of Man but not Pikes Peak.

If anyone wants to provide more information about Mirai and electric motorcycle Kishimoto used this year, feel free to leave a comment below.

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