UK rolls out Electric Motorcycle Tax Grants

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The United Kingdom (UK) government recently rolled out Tax Grants, aka tax incentives, for electric motorcycles.

Fortunately for consumers in the UK that are interested in purchasing an electric motorcycle the process will be simple. An electric motorcycle buyer will NOT need to submit paperwork the UK government to take advantage of the Tax Grant.

Dealerships are expected to use the plug-in motorcycle grant when the electric motorcycle is sold.

The plug-in motorcycle grant is deducted from the price of the vehicle at the point of sale by the dealership. No paperwork is required from the customer, except a survey, to benefit from the grant.

You can read more about the requirements on the UK Government’s Plug-in motorcycle grant eligibility page.  Unfortunately I’m not sure how much the UK electric motorcycle Tax Grant is. The page does not specify.

While it is good to see the UK offering this electric motorcycle Tax Grant, I don’t see many current electric motorcycle options in the UK. Electric scooters, yes plenty I believe, electric motorcycles, not really.

Zero Motorcycles temporarily pulled out of the UK market several years ago.  The reason was poor demand and no UK tax incentives for electric motorcycles. There are a few dealerships listed in the UK for the electric bikes. What about other electric motorcycle companies?

I wrote about Agni Motors merger.  They are not really a motorcycle manufacturer as much as an electric motor and parts supply company though.

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