Translogic reviews and features Lightning LS-218 [VIDEO]

lightning ls-218

Translogic, which is an AutoBlog show, had an episode featuring the Lightning LS-218 and a review of the electric motorcycle.  Translogic is meant to showcase next generation vehicles and the technology around them. It is hosted by Jonathon Buckley who is Australian.

For a little background, Lightning Motorcycles gain notoriety for winning Pikes Peak back in 2013. The Lightning team beat out all the gas bikes by almost a full 20 seconds and charged all their bikes with solar panels on the mountain.  They’ve actually been using solar panel to charge bikes for other races too.

Buckley talks with Richard Hatfield, the founder and CEO of Lightning Motorcycles, about the LS-218 and his success with racing. The company claims it is the fastest production motorcycle you can buy today.

Jonathon Buckley took the bike out for a spin and was generally impressed with the sheer acceleration and overall feel of the LS-218.  When Gizmag’s Loz Blain reviewed the Lightning LS-218 he was similarly impressed with the bike. During his test ride something happened where the LS-218 suddenly shutoff and them came back on. “I guess it just needed a reset.” commented Buckley.  There was talk there were some other kinks with the bike but didn’t go into specifics. He was surprised by how rideable the bike was and said it didn’t feel like it was pulling his arms out of his sockets, which he thought it would.

Translogic – Lightning LS-218

Most of the Lightning Motorcycles LS-218 is made of carbon fiber components and features top-of-the-line motorcycle suspension parts, wheels, and brembo brakes. It’s definitely a serious bike since it costs roughly $40,000 dollars.

In the beginning of the Translogic 178 episode Buckley points out the same questions arise when electric motorcycles come up.  Range, performance, battery life, and price. Lightning Motorcycles has definitely solved the performance questions with an electric motorcycle, of course range could always use a boost, but we are still unclear of the company’s goals. As far as we know Lightning Motorcycles has only sold 1 model of the LS-218. Are they still working out kinks or is their main goal racing?

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