Ted Dillard crowdfunding for “History of Electric Motorcycles” book

history of electric motorcycles

If you are into electric motorcycles you are probably familiar with the excellent work of Ted Dillard, who runs and writes The Electric Chronicles.  Ted also writes about the electric motorcycle industry and electric vehicles on InsideEVs.

The Electric Motorcycle Club recently learned that Ted is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for a new book he wants to write about the history of the electric bikes.  The official title is “Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles” and it sounds like a great project.  His goal is to compile the most complete and historically accurate book about the timeline of the industry up until this point.  Part of the description from the campaign page;

The story of electric motorcycles is the story of scientific research, technological innovation and the confluence of technologies.  …but it’s another story too.  It’s the story of how the power delivery of a high-performance, no-compromise, pure-electric drivetrain can redefine transportation, motorsports and the perception of renewable energy.  It’s the story of power in flux.

Join me on a very personal journey within this small community of innovators – from industry leaders to garage mechanics – to experience how a revolution in motorsports – as well as technology and innovation – happens.

Ted isn’t just looking to write a book about the history of electric motorcycles though.  As he puts it, “So this book isn’t just about the recent history of electric motorcycles, however exciting that is.  The book is taking a really close look at how innovation happens.  How technological developments happen. How people think about things differently from a different perspective and how the various different pieces of technology reach the same point at the same time for this critical mass to happen.”

Sounds pretty cool to us.  To get a better idea of the book for yourself, here is the video that he posted on the the Kickstarter campaign page to try to crowdfund the money for the book.

History of Electric Motorcycles

As I write this there are currently 28 backers who have pitched in a total of almost $3,500 dollars.  The funding goal for the book project is $10,000 and the campaign only started three days ago.  Most people are aware that crowdfunding campaigns are not easy, so it’s great to see that the electric motorcycle community has rallied for Ted’s book.  He’s gotten over 30% of the funding goal in an extremely short period of time of three days.  He apparently got almost $3,000 within 24 hours of the campaign launching, which means 25% of the project was funded.  We are sure he’ll be able to reach get the $10,000 he’s looking for.

Why exactly do you need money for writing a book though? Ted does a great job of explaining;

Where does the money go? Most of it will go into printing costs, but a portion of it will help me devote more of my freelance writing and editing time on this project. It’s a labor of love, but like any full-time profession, writers have to keep the wolf from the door too. Photographers, artists and other contributors will be paid for their work as well.

I’ve allowed a year for this project to reach completion – 6 months for preparing the manuscript, and 6 months for the production – design, layout and printing.

Your support will let me give this project the full attention it deserves, and make it what I know it can be – the definitive story of a remarkable time of exploration and innovation.

It should be noted that this campaign is NOT a flexible funding project.  That means that if Ted doesn’t raise the $10,000 he is looking for, he won’t get any of the money.  A lot of campaigns do flexible funding but Ted has decided to not go this route which I think is smart actually.  I imagine the reason is because he feels like if he doesn’t get the $10,000 he won’t be able to devote enough time and resources to writing the book to the best of his abilities.  He could very well raise more than $10 grand though.

If you are interested in pitching for the History of Electric Motorcycles book you can back the project until July 1st, which should give you plenty of time.  We hope that Ted Dillard raises the full $10,000 to make the book happen and we look forward to reading it when it is released.

If you want a copy of The History of Electric Motorcycles;

  • $20 – Gets you a PDF copy
  • $75 – Soft cover limited edition, full color and full sized book
  • $150 – Hard-cover, full color book

There are a few other funding level pledges but we assume these are the three most people will opt for.

Funny to see so many people crowdfunding these days. We recently wrote about Neal Saiki crowdfunding for his electric bicycle venture, who founded Zero Motorcycles.   Interested side note is that Ted wrote about the campaign on the Electric Chronicles but not InsideEVs. I guess they must have some sort of editorial conflict-of-interest policy.

If you do pitch in to help Ted Dillard with the The History of Electric Motorcycles book, can you come back and let us know what level of supporter you were?  Also tell us why you gave money to see this book become a reality and what information you’d like to see in it.

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