Preston Petty races on a Zero MX [VIDEO]

The Life Electric: Preston Petty is a cool video that has released about motorcycling legend about Preston Petty.  The 74 year old still races on dirt flat tracks but these days he is using his Zero MX made by Zero Motorcycles. Petty is clearly nostalgic for what he’s done for the industry but he is able to embrace electric motorcycles.

Preston Petty is one of those rare souls that is capable of embracing his own motorcycling heritage while also being a cutting-edge thinker who maintains a fascination with the latest and greatest technology, and that includes Zero electric motorcycles. That’s why, at 74 years old, Petty races flat track with his Zero MX.

“It’s got excellent torque and zero RPM and plenty of power and it’s neighbor friendly.” said Petty about his Zero MX electric motorcycle. “You don’t have to set valves and that sort of thing. The only maintenance are the tires and the chain but otherwise not much.”

When he talked about racing the Zero MX, “When you hit the throttle on it, it’s gone and you better make sure you have enough traction… it’s got regenerative braking.” He seems to be competing well with his Zero Motorcycle against gas powered counterparts at the dirt track. The video is about 8 minutes and is worth a watch.