Ohio State electric motorcycle team competing at Pikes Peak [VIDEO]

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Th Buckeye Current team from Ohio State is returning to Pikes Peak this year which takes place in a few days. This year they have a new electric motorcycle to race, the RW-3.  In addition they have a new rider, Joe Prussiano, as Rob Barber who used to race for the team will no longer be doing so.

The Ohio State team was noticeably absent at the Isle of Man TT Zero this year.  Back in 2014 they secured a surprising 3rd place podium finish.  The TT Zero is a specific racing class for electrics motorcycles on the Isle of Man. We assume it has something to do with cost as it’s expensive shipping motorcycles to the small island off the cost of the United Kingdom (or Great Britain?).

It will be interesting to see how Buckeye team does at Pikes Peak this year.  Pikes Peak put electric motorcycles on the map as back in 2013 when Lightning Motorcycles won the race charging all it’s bikes with solar panels and beating out all the gas bikes.  Translogic recently did an episode of the LS-218, the companies consumer road bike, and Loz Blain from Gizmag did a review.

You can read further details about the RW-3 electric motorcycle and the Buckeye Current team are below.

Buckeye Current Rallies to Compete in 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb [Press Release]

Buckeye Current, the student electric motorcycle team at The Ohio State University, has completed its latest all-electric racing motorcycle. RW-3 will compete in the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb June 28. This follows on the success of the team’s 2013 and 2014 Isle of Man TT Zero performances in which renowned rider Rob Barber piloted the team’s RW-2 and then RW-2.X vehicles to third place victories, achieving the title of the world’s fastest collegiate electric motorcycle two years in a row. After earning two podium finishes at the Isle of Man, the team was looking ahead to a new challenge.

This year the team had to create an entirely new bike to conquer Pikes Peak. RW-3 is designed to average 76 miles per hour through the course with a top speed of 125 miles per hour. The battery pack holds 7.8 kilowatt-hours of energy on board and contains 972 individual 18650 cylindrical battery cells. The bike features a student-designed and built electronics system, carbon fiber fairings, and a custom-designed battery pack. With such great student talent, the team was able to create a bike that they believe can not only win the electric class but set the record for all motorcycles.

Shortly after arriving in Colorado, the team faced a very serious setback. After multiple, successful runs on the bike, a slick patch on the track caused the RW-3 to crash, injuring Rob. In light of a great partnership with Rob “The Bullet” Barber over the past two years, Buckeye Current is deeply saddened to announce that he will be unable to race in this year’s Hill Climb. Rob is, however, now recovering well and is planning on supporting the team from the sidelines.

Buckeye Current is determined to press on towards its goal of conquering Pikes Peak, and the team is pleased to announce that not only is RW-3 repaired but the team has also secured the help of a replacement rider: Joe Prussiano, a professional race instructor at the Texas Tornado Boot Camp. Joe is a three-time Pikes Peak 450 Pro Class winner and has graciously stepped in to race in Rob’s absence. After a major rebuilding effort, the RW-3 has just passed through Pikes Peak official tech inspection and is ready to meet its new rider. The team is very grateful to Joe for his immediate response and is looking forward to race day with the team, sponsors, and fans cheering him on as he reaches the summit of this historic racecourse.

More About Buckeye Current
Buckeye Current is a student team at The Ohio State University based at the Center for Automotive Research. The team researches, designs, builds, and races electric motorcycles to not only create innovative electric vehicles but to educate both students and the community about green technologies. The team’s first bike, RW-1, set the East Coast Timing Association record for electric motorcycles at 144.3 miles per hour. Buckeye Current’s second bike placed third in the Isle of Man TT Zero, an international all-electric series, and their third bike placed third to defend that position in the following year. To read more about the team and to follow its progress please visit current.osu.edu and the Facebook page (/BuckeyeCurrent).

Buckeye Current seeks funding partners to continue the innovative development and success of the team. In addition to supporting a student led endeavor, partnership with the team provides access to highly qualified students and public exposure on an international stage, all while contributing to the advancement of clean technologies.

Contact: Lauren Alman Buckeye Current Marketing Coordinator alman.5@osu.edu (703)965-3330

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