Mugen & McGuinness win TT Zero (again), Anstey takes 2nd, Victory places 3rd

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The results are in from the Isle of Man TT Zero, which is a class specifically for electric motorcycles. Who won the race this year? Isle of Man veteran John McGuinness placed first this year in the TT Zero race racing for Mugen Shinden/Honda.  This means that McGuinness has a total of 22 wins in different motorcycle classes on the famed Isle of Man mountain road course. This includes winning the TT Zero last year.

In second place was McGuinness’s teammate on the Mugen Shinden/Honda team, Bruce Anstey.  The motorcycle racer from New Zealand holds the current record for the fastest lap around the Isle of man road course.  He clocked in a 17:06 time with an average speed of 132mph.  That’s damn fast!

Victory Motorcycles placed in third with Lee Johnston.  What’s funny is that on the official Isle of Man results page they have Johnston listed as racing for “Brammo” which technically is not accurate.  Victory Racing tapped Lee Johnston this year and they are using Brammo’s technology to race since they bought out the company. Even though this is Victory Racing and Victory Motorcycles first year at the TT Zero didn’t produce a win, they still got a podium finish and had lap averages of over 100mph.

Another interesting note is that William Dunlop was replaced due to injuries qualifying for the Supersport class with Guy Martin on the Victory team.  On the website Martin is correctly listing as racing for Victory strangely enough.

Another interesting note, it’s been widely reported that Guy Martin is being considered as a possible Top Gear host.  This is after Jeremy Clarkson had a fracas (fight) with a producer on the show and supposedly verbally abused him.  His co-hosts James Many and Richard Hammond have not re-upped contracts with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which has left the show’s hosting duties in limbo. Top Gear is the most factually watched show in the world and is hugely important to the BBC, accounting for large portion of revenue.  Will Guy Martin work on the show? I don’t know. Another question, will we see any electric motorcycles on Top Gear?

Isle of Man TT Zero Results

The Mugen Shinden team nearly broke the 120mph barrier which has long been considered a holy grail for bikes in the TT Zero.  McGuinness and Anstey both broke the TT Zero lap records from 2014.

Here is a breakdown of the stats for this year’s TT Zero. The average speed is listed first with the lapt time listed second.

  1. John McGuinness / Team Mugen – 119.279mph (18:58.743)
  2. Bruce Anstey / Team Mugen – 118.857mph (19:02.785)
  3. Lee Johnston / Victory Racing – 111.620mph – (20:16.881)
  4. Guy Martin / Victory Racing – 109.717mph – (20:37.987)
  5. Robert Wilson / Sarolea Racing – 106.510mph (21:15.256)
  6. Michael Sweeney / University of Nottingham – 73.156mph (30:56.695)

Sarolea is in their second year at the TT Zero and is a historic motorcycle brand that has been revived.  Much like the Spanish motorcycle company Bultcao.  Sarolea has done well considering their resources.

Noticeably absent this was the Ohio State team won managed to cliche a 3rd place finish in last year’s TT Zero with Rob Barber as the rider.  James Cowton for Brunel University was not able to complete the course this year. At least the University of Nottingham team was there representing colleges.

McGuinness makes it a Double for Mugen [Press Release]

John McGuinness broke his own SES TT Zero record in today’s Isle of Man TT Races with his teammate Bruce Anstey again following him home, as he did last year. Anstey was also inside McGuinnesses old lap record for the electric bike class.

John McGuinness was first away from the line but by Glen Helen Anstey had actually moved into the lead on timing, albeit with only a second separating the Mugen pair  who had already established a 17 second lead over third placed Lee Johnson with his Victory Parker Racing teammate Guy Martin in fourth a further nine seconds back.  Martin was a late replacement for William Dunlop who was injured earlier in the week during qualifying.

McGuinness had moved into the lead by the next timing point at Ballaugh Bridge with a lead of over two seconds from Anstey with the Team Mugen pair establishing a healthy lead at the front of the field.  Johnson and Martin continued their challenge for the final podium spot with the Northern Ireleand rider establishing a lead of over 10 seconds from Martin at Ballaugh.

Robert Wilson consolidated fifth place for Belgium’s team Sarolea Racing while James Cowton (Brunel University) and Michael Sweeney (University of Nottingham) were going head to head in sixth and seventh for the honour of finishing the first university.

At the front of the field McGuinness was being made to work for the race win by Anstey with the gap closing to less than three seconds but the Morecambe Missile held on to win with a new lap record of 119.279mph (18:58.743) from Anstey (118.857/19:02.785) with Lee Johnston taking third for Victory/Parker Racing with 111.620mph – 20:16.881.  Guy Martin (109.717/ 20:37.987), Robert Wilson (106.510/21:15.256) completed the top five with Michael Sweeney (73.156/30:56.695) taking the University honours for Nottingham.

[Source – IOM TT]

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