Lightning Motorcycles LS-218 Review [VIDEO]

Lightning Motorcycle

Loz Blain recently reviewed the Lightning Motorcycle LS-218 for Gizmag. Generally¬† Blain really liked the riding experience and commented “riding this thing around at normal speeds is really pleasant” and “it is a surprisingly easy and friendly bike to ride.”

When he tested out rolling the LS-218 into full throttle “I have never in my life felt acceleration like this” which is a good comment. What’s interesting is that Richard Hatfield, the CEO and founder, said that most riders can’t handle full throttle on the LS-218. Why? The acceleration is ridiculous.

Lightning Motorcycles LS-218 Review

The downside? Well it doesn’t much noise so that’s a negative for traditional motorcyclists. If you want to go fast and have a a ton of spare cash the Lightning LS-218 is probably for you.

You can read the review here if you want to see more of what Loz Blain said about the LS-218.

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