Joe Prussiano and Ohio State’s Pikes Peak run [VIDEO]

ohio state electric motorcycle

Check out Joe Prussiano’s run for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) this year racing for the Ohio State Buckeye Current team.

Editor’s Note – You’ll probably hear a “whirring” noise throughout the video. That’s not the actually electric motorcycle but a designed “noise maker.”  This is required at Pikes Peak due to the fact that electric vehicles are not as loud as gas vehicles. This makes it so that people and officials know what is coming up the mountain. 

Joe Prussiano (Ohio State) – Pikes Peak

In an interview at the end of the video Joe Prussiano commented, “There were some gremlins.” with the electric motorcycle. Unsure what they were as he didn’t go into specifics but it sounds like maybe the bike was getting too hot on the course.

Still Prussiano finished with a time of 11:12.756 averaging 64.213 mph on the Pikes Peak course.  Not bad considering he replaced Rob Barber who was injured during a practice lap and was brought in as a replacement rider at the last minute.  The time means they finished second behind Yoshihiro Kishimoto and Mirai who were first in the Electric Modified Bike class.  Granted they were the only two entries I see in the Electric Modified Bike category at Pikes Peak this year.

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