Indonesia is new market for Zero electric motorcycles

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Zero Motorcycles, a US based electric motorcycle company, has now introduced it’s models for sale in the streets in Indonesia.  The company has tapped Garansindo Technologies to be the authorized distributor in Indonesia for selling it’s electric motorcycle line.

All four Zero models will be available to Indonesian buyers which includes the Zero S, Zero SR, Zero FX and the Zero DS. The bikes will sell between 180 million Indian Rupiah to 309 million, which does not include Indonesian taxes and fees for registering the motorcycles. The US pricing converted into dollars works out to about $13,500 – $23,000 in case anyone was wondering what the Rupiah exchange rate is like.

These electric motorcycles are going into the Indonesian motorcycle market at a pricing premium compared to what else is on the market. The real question, will Indonesian buyers be willing to pay this premium price tag for electric bikes? It is unclear how Zero Motorcycles will fair against the plethora of bike options sold in Indonesia each year.  8 million bikes are sold roughly each year and for a lot less Indonesian Rupiah.

“We believe that the Indonesian market is eager to adopt electric transportation.” said Mr. Muhammad Al Abdullah, CEO of Garansindo Technologies.  “Zero Motorcycles will be the first 100% electric motorcycle in Indonesia and we couldn’t be more excited to represent the brand… Zero offers the most advanced production electric motorcycles in the world. The inclusion of the Zero Motorcycles line in our product portfolio will allow us to better support the Indonesian Government by providing the most environmentally friendly two-wheeled transportation solution. In addition, with no routine powertrain maintenance, zero emissions and thrilling performance, we have observed a strong, and growing, demand for Zero among motorcycle enthusiasts.”

“Our new partnership with Garansindo is an integral step for Zero Motorcycles in our expansion as a global company,” said Phillip Wilkinson, Director Sales Asia PAC Zero Motorcycles. “The introduction of our electric motorcycles into one of the world’s leading two-wheel markets is an exciting prospect. Opportunities in the premium motorcycle segment within Indonesia are very promising, and we know that Garansindo will provide an effective channel with which we can service both consumer and fleet customers alike. We are thrilled to form this new partnership and look forward to a successful future with Garansindo.”

Garansindo now has a Zero Motorcycles showroom in Kemang, South Jakarta.  The distributor should have another dealership operating in Bali before the end of 2015.

Garasindo will be importing all the electric motorcycles from the Zero factory and headquarters in Santa Cruz, California. Garansindo is no stranger to importing vehicles as it is the official distributor for Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA) brands such as Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo into Indonesia.

This is a welcome expansion for Zero Motorcycles as it continues to open up in markets around the world.  Recently the motorcycle company started operating and selling bikes in Italy, which is a scooter and motorcycle crazed country. Indonesia also popular for scooters and motorcycles as well, so we are interested to see how the market reacts with the introduction of Zero.

About Garansindo Technologies
The Garansindo group of companies was first established in 2003 as PT Garansindo Inter Global, with a business scope specializing on supporting services for the automotive industry in Indonesia. Garansindo has since grown into one of the top automotive companies within Indonesia. In 2008, Garansindo was appointed as the Authorized General Indonesian Distributor for Chrysler Group vehicles, followed by Fiat and Alfa Romeo in 2013. PT. Garansindo Technologies is a sister company of PT. Garansindo Inter Global which is committed to support the automotive industry by providing the latest technology and the most advanced transportation vehicles but yet environmentally friendly.

[Source – Jakarta Globe]

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