“How It’s Made” features Zero Motorcycles [VIDEO]

how its made electric motorcycles

How Its Made” featured an episode on electric motorcycles.  For those that don’t know about How Its Made it is a TV show goes through the process of how products and items in our everyday lives are built, assembled, or manufactured.  It’s definitely a fun show for people who enjoy knowing how things are made.

You can watch the How Its Made episode on electric motorcycles since it is up on Youtube.  It’s about 5 minutes which is a good length of time for the social media crowd these days.

How Its Made – Electric Motorcycles

This segment was filmed at the Zero Motorcycles factory and headquarters in Santa Cruz, California and it looks like they were assembling a Zero S.  It’s quite interesting to see the process of Zero bikes getting built and realizing how much simpler it is than a gas powered motorcycle. There are significantly less components when you realize there is no internal combustion engine (ICE), transmission or clutch, and no gas tank.

There is one misconception in the episode, that electric motorcycles do not require maintenance free.  As I’ve been learned more about electric vehicles I’ve come to know this is not necessarily a true statement. The narrator says in the  How Its Made episode the belt used on the Zero S is maintenance free, since it is made of kevlar. Granted, yes the material is tough, but it can wear out.  On the USA to Patagonia road trip journey we know that Thomas had to get his Zero kevlar belt replaced. Electric Motorcycle Club is also aware that owners with 2-3 year old Zero bikes have been having issues where the motors die or the batteries are bricked (meaning they can’t be charged anymore).  There will be a “ZeroCast” webinar about Zero’s electric motorcycle technology on July 8th, which seems spurred by the rising number of complaints from owners.

Still the How Its Made episode was fun to watch for an electric motorcycle enthusiast. What I think it interesting is that for the most part Zero motorcycles are hand assembled at this point. To get production volume at a higher capacity I would hope the company is looking into using more efficient means of assembly and manufacturing.  You know, robotics on an assembly line. I guess Zero doesn’t have the cash for that yet.

What do you think of this How Its Made episode featuring electric motorcycles? If you are a rider, or want to be one someday, does seeing the process of how an electric motorcycle is made make you want to consider buying one in the future?

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  1. Food for thought. It’s pretty common to see hand assembly in the auto industry. Even Tesla with their massively automated process still has hand installed parts in their manufacturing process.

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