Help Electric Motorcycle Club WIN the Internet Official Contest (VOTE!)

internet official contest

We just wanted to let all our readers and fans know that voting for the Grand Prize for Verisign’s Internet Official Contest opened up yesterday.  You can vote here for Electric Motorcycle Club or by clicking the link below.

Voting is open from June 12th through June 27th.  Just so everyone is aware you can vote 1 time each day.  So please remember to vote for us each day.  Please bookmark the voting page or feel free to comeback to this post or the frontpage of Electric Motorcycle Club where you will see the link to vote.  I also have this handy custom shortened URL – – to make it easier for our readers and myself.  That URL redirects to our voting page with the video we made.

Just as a refresher the Internet Official contest is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of .COM , which made it’s debut all the way back in 1985.  Ironically this was several years before the internet was even really invented.  (Tim Berners-Lee put up the first web server in 1995.)

The main point is to show the world that even though there are millions of .COM domains registered, you can still go find a great domain for your business, service, or web project out there. Finding a great domain doesn’t to fit your needs doesn’t have to be challenging as some make out.  I registered so we know that Verisign accomplished the goal. 🙂

Here is a nice video from Verisign to better understand the contest.

Make Your .COM Internet Official

The voting is to part of the process to help the judges determine the Grand Prize winner for the best domain name in the contest.  It’s clear this website is the best, right? 🙂

We already feel fortunate to have been a finalist in the Internet Official contest receiving $5,000 to get the Electric Motorcycle Club started from Verisign. We wanted to let people know that when we receive the check in the mail we will be donating a portion of the winnings to all the local animal shelters and rescue groups.  If anybody knows me and my family they know we are big dog and animal lovers.  I feel blessed to have been a finalist.  While I could use the money for a lot of other expenses right now, it’s always good to share, be generous, and remember those that need help. If we win the Grand Prize of $30,000 I’ll be do the exact same thing.

internet official voting

A question for our readers, if you won the $35,000 in a contest, what would you do with it? Pay off debt and loans? Go on vacation? Save it for a rainy day? Splurge on something you’ve always wanted? I’d love to know.

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