Energica adds Motorcycle Dealerships to it’s Network

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Energica has announced that is has added three new motorcycle dealerships to it’s franchise network. The new dealerships are in completely different countries which include Canada, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

“Developing a sales network adds value to the project”, says Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica, “it shows how dealers believe in our business. First of all Energica dealers are our partners: we are going to build a successful global brand with them”.

The wording in the press release is not entirely clear but it seems these companies are not only dealerships but distributors too.  Anyway here are the three new dealerships that have been added to the network that will be selling Energica Egos:

  • W.C. Distributing – Energica Official Dealer Distributor for Canada
  • Extablish AG Energica – Official Dealer Distributor for Switzerland, with the exclusion of Canton of Ticino
  • Electric Motorcycles Nederland – Energica Official Dealer Distributor for Netherlands

The Italian electric motorcycle has yet to start selling it’s first model, the Energica Ego.  The company is backed by a European conglomerate CRP which makes carbon fiber parts for F1 racing cars.  The estimated cost for an Energica Ego is $25,000-$28,000 dollars.  This begs the question… do you have to have a big Ego to buy one?  Early reports from the company’s “Where is my Ego” tour are mostly positive and they are planning on introducing a less expensive model, the Energica Eva, sometime next year.  Hopefully these dealerships and distributors in Canada, Switzerland, and the Netherlands can start selling Energicas soon.

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