California police department likes riding Electric Motorcycles [VIDEO]

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Zero Motorcycles recently reported that there are 50 police departments that are using electric motorcycles in their vehicle fleets.  How do these departments like using electric motorcycles though?

Here is a nice video by the folks over at about Ceres police department, which is located in the San Joaquin valley, and the Zero DSP motorcycles they use.

Ceres Police – Electric Motorcycles



The Zero DSP police motorcycles were bought through a special grant program which allowed the Ceres police to add them to the fleet.  While this was a radical departure compared to the Harley-Davidson motorcycles the officers were used to using, the results so far have been positive on many levels. “It costs us a $1 dollar a day to run one of these [electric] motorcycles vs $15-$20 dollars a day to run a gas-powered motorcycle.” said Lieutenant Chris Perry.  Other advantages Lieutenant Perry cited were that the electric bikes don’t add to air pollution, they don’t make much noise, they are user-friendly, easy-to-ride, and apparently the public really likes them.

“When I heard we were getting electric, I was a little apprehensive they would be able to stay up to the demands of the job of being a motor officer.”  said Sergeant Jason Coley. After he had ridden a Zero DSP electric motorcycle, “I was very impressed.” He also commented about how much more maneuverable the electric motorcycles are compared to gas bikes. They are able to be taken indoors and weigh about half as much as the Harley-Davidson V-twin police motorcycles. Officer Coley is also pleased with how the Zero DSP’s do not make much noise which makes them more aware of their surroundings and gives the police the element of surprise.

“If I’m out looking for cellphone violators, I can actually roll right up alongside their car, stop, lean over, and knock on the window.” said Officer Keith Kitcher.

What’s interesting is that the electric motorcycles being in the police vehicle fleet as proved to be a great community engagement tool. The public likes the bikes are quite, do not pollute, and have garnered interest when they are out riding and patrolling Ceres.

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