California gives Electric Motorcycle company $1 Million Dollar Grant

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Zero Motorcycles, arguably the most successful electric motorcycle company to date, has just received a $1 million dollar grant from the state of California.  The grant was awarded by the California Energy Commission (CEC) since Zero’s headquarters are in Scotts Valley, which is located in Northern California in Santa Cruz county.  The electric motorcycle company also builds Zero motorcycles in California so it’s an obviously easy grant for the CEC to give the electric motorcycle company.

What is even better than $1 million dollars? Getting $2 million! Investors and backers of Zero will be matching the grant with another $1 million so that means the company is banking an additional $2 million for research and development.  This is good news for Zero as we have seen that Polaris is seriously interested in gaining a foothold in the electric motorcycle market with buyout of Brammo.  Polaris recently announced that Victory Motorcycles will be competing in the Isle of Man Zero TT, which is a race for electric motorcycles on the famed Isle of Man street circuit.  The vehicle conglomerate also trademarked “Victory Charger” which is likely going to be the name of the electric motorcycle they introduce.

I’m sure that Zero Motorcycles was happy to get the money but it’s not entirely clear what exactly what the grant money from the CEC will be used for.  From the press release it seems the funds will go toward research and development in addition to manufacturing at the company’s headquarters.  However in terms of specifics in terms of research and development we are not sure.  Areas for R&D improvement could include a lot of things such as battery technology, electric motor controllers, electric motors, frame development, motorcycle design, etc.

Whatever Zero ends up using the money for we are sure it will be put to good use by the company.  We are glad to see the state of California supporting electric motorcycles as bikes are a lot cooler than electric cars. Am I right? 🙂

[Press Release] – Crafted In California: Zero Motorcycles Receives Major Grant

SANTA CRUZ, Calif – Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, announced today that it has been awarded a grant of $1,009,220 from the California Energy Commission (CEC). With matching commitment from Zero, over $2M in funding will be made available to drive the company’s continued research, development and assembly of 100% electric motorcycles at their California headquarters.

“We thrive at the intersection of transportation, technology and energy efficiency,” said Zero Motorcycles CEO Richard Walker. “This generous grant, combined with the confidence of our investors, accelerates our global growth, expands Zero’s local workforce and manufacturing capacity, and will fuel continued innovation across all of our products.”

Zero was founded in Santa Cruz in 2006 and has been pioneering electric motorcycles ever since. Each year, the model line has seen great advancements in performance, range, features and value. Zero motorcycles are proudly “Crafted in California” at the company’s Scotts Valley (Santa Cruz County) headquarters.

“It’s exciting to see Zero Motorcycles grow from a pilot production line we funded to an expanded manufacturing line through this latest grant,” said Janea A. Scott, lead commissioner on transportation for the California Energy Commission. “Transitioning from older, higher polluting vehicles to zero emission vehicles—ones with no tailpipe pollution—helps the state meet its clean air, climate, and petroleum reduction goals.”

The California Energy Commission is focused on promoting efficiency and conservation, supporting cutting-edge research, and developing California’s renewable energy resources. Zero is committed to using the CEC grant to expand its production capacity through improvements in its manufacturing line, production efficiency and engineering processes.

“We believe CEC funding is ideally suited for this kind of project as we leverage 21st century California clean-tech manufacturing,” said Kai Hypko, VP of Operations at Zero. “As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, Zero Motorcycles helps reduce petroleum use, improve air quality and energy efficiency, all while creating more skilled jobs here in California.”

About Zero Motorcycles
Zero Motorcycles is committed to transforming the motorcycling experience by bringing to market highly innovative electric motorcycles that offer exceptional value and performance. Zero is powered by innovation, driven by passion, guided by integrity and measured by results. Through extensive research, insight and experience, Zero combines the art and science of motorcycle development to create and manufacture products that excite consumers and inspire brand loyalty. Every model is designed and built in California. Zero is determined to be the preeminent global electric motorcycle company.

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