British Electric Motorcycle company merges with Agni Motors [VIDEO]


Agility Global and Agni Motors have merged to create a new company called the Saietta Group.  The newly formed company consists of several different units that includes;

  • Saietta Engineering, which develops and manufactures new, innovative electric motors, generators, controllers and complete drivetrains.
  • Saietta Motorcycles, which builds and develops electric motorcycles to be sold to consumers.
  • Saietta Racing, the testing arm for Saietta motorcycles and electric drivetrain products which are tested in arduous race conditions.  The racing unit also sells specialized race motorcycles, motors and motor controllers.

The company also provides electric drivetrains across other vehicle sectors and manufacturers components in a special economic zone in India.

Saietta Group is now based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom at an ex-RAF (Royal Air Force) base which gives the company access to 20 miles of private test tracks in addition to proximity to leading automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), F1 brands and their first tier suppliers.  The location gives Saietta readily available access to technology partners.

Saietta and Agni Motors?

If this news doesn’t make sense, or you haven’t heard of these companies before, here is bit of context. Agni Motors is best known for their highly efficient DC electric motors and it’s eccentric founder, Cedric Lynch. Agni and Lynch won the Isle of Man TT Zero race, which is a category just for electric motorcycles, in 2009 and won the first E-Grand Prix at the Isle of Man circuit.  Saietta is a British electric motorcycle company that’s had their Saietta R prototype in development for quite some time.  Agility Global, the owners of Saietta, started a team to compete in the TT Zero race in 2013.  The Saietta R is pretty hard to miss with it’s oddly tall shape for a motorcycle which is to hold electric batteries.

 Saietta Video

Following the merger of Agility Global and Agni Motors, newly-formed Saietta Group today set out its vision to be a leader in the transformation of vehicles away from internal combustion engines to highly efficient electric drivetrains. Saietta intends to shake up sectors including cars, scooters, motorcycles and tuk tuks, with electric drivetrains that surpass what can be achieved with internal combustion engines.

Confusing Business Plan & Domain Names

What doesn’t make sense to me, the company’s business plan.  Is the main focus of this British electric motorcycle company to build bikes, be a electric drivetrain and component consultancy, or something else?  If you read the press release regarding this announcement below you get an idea of what I’m talking about.

It doesn’t even seem clear that Saietta knows what is wants to do. This is evident from the fact in the multiple domain names the company owns.  If you visit it forwards to, which is a nicely designed website.  However, you click on “Saietta Engineering” this takes you to a different domain name, and the same thing for Saietta Motorcycles and Saietta Racing. Who the F$@! had this idea?  This only servers to confuse consumers, journalists, and anyone else visiting the website. Also all the sites have the same templates with little in the way of other information or clickable pages.

The way Saietta setup the domain name structure is reminiscent of Mission Motors.  They had several different domain names and it seemed liked the company wasn’t clear if they built motorcycles or offered electric vehicle consulting services.  Of course we are not sure if Mission Motorcycles is operational and still in business at this point.  The company also had been in development for their electric motorcycles, the Mission and Mission RS, for quite sometime. Rumors have swirled recently they were sold to Harley-Davidson when since they were consultants on building the Livewire, the company’s prototype electric motorcycle.

Is this good for the Electric Motorcycle Industry?

Only time will tell.  The announcement is a bit of a surprise but makes sense that two companies would merge to pool development resources and skills.  In my opinion Agility and Saietta are getting the better end of the deal bringing on Cedric Lynch who has a more solid reputation in the industry at this point.  At least for people that are in the know with electric vehicle technology.  (I don’t really consider myself one of these people I just write occasionally about it, in case you were wondering.)

The problem I see is there are already lots of electric vehicle and drivetrain specialists and companies you can go to.  It is not clear how Saietta differentiates itself besides with Lynch and the TT Zero wins.  Is that enough?  Also the details of the development of the Saietta R and how many the company has sold has not been discussed.  Is there a marketing plan and timeline for selling them? We don’t know.

What are your thoughts about this merger?  Do you have any opinions about Saietta or Agni Motors?

Saietta – Pure Power [Press Release]


Saietta Group today set out its vision to be a leader in the transformation of vehicles away from internal combustion engines to highly efficient electric drivetrains.

In a clear statement of intent, Saietta revealed a teaser image of a ground-breaking, high-performance electric motorbike that’s set to spearhead a new era for riders.

Code-named NGS (Next Generation Saietta), it will be the first in a family of bikes from the newly-named Saietta Group, following the recent merger of Agility Global and Agni Motors.

“Saietta intends to shake up vehicle sectors including cars, scooters, motorcycles and tuk tuks, with electric drivetrains that surpass what can be achieved with internal combustion engines. NGS demonstrates our core competence in design, engineering, integration and manufacture in this field,” says Lawrence Marazzi, Saietta Group Co-Founder.

“Saietta R was our 8th and last generation of prototype. NGS takes us to a whole new level with technological step-changes across the bike delivering electrifying performance, unmatched range, extensive personalisation options and a highly distinctive, iconic presence. NGS is an exclusive, premium priced flagship for the Group, showcasing precisely what Agility and Agni are capable of as a newly merged entity.”

Arvind Rabadia, Saietta Group Co-Founder, adds: “We have a family of electric motors which are highly efficient, lightweight and compact, delivering class-leading power-to-weight ratios and levels of efficiency, making them ideal for vehicles. Our motors have powered over 80% of the winning electric racebikes globally, set electric powerboat world speed records and even powered the first manned electric helicopter!”

“After over a century of making small refinements to the internal combustion engine, vehicles are well overdue a step-change to a more efficient, cost effective and sustainable electric future. We will release more information on NGS over the coming months and interested parties can receive exclusive updates by signing up to our newsletter at”

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