Are you ready for an Electric Vespa?

electric vespa

It seems Vespa, the iconic Italian scooter, is gearing up to go electric.  That’s right we might have an Electric Vespa around the corner.

Piaggio, the Italian owner of Vespa, recently showcased the Vespa Elettrica as they are calling it. The company has not released many technical details on the Vespa Elettrica. The statement really only has “marketing speak” as I like to put it.

It would be smart for Vespa to sell an Electric version. The market for electric scooters is quite large in Asia, particularly China.  In my interview with Nathan Siy, founder of Evoke Motorcycles, he talked about how good the infrastructure already is for electric scooters.

While China might have the technical prowess and production capability… obviously the Italy has the pizzazz.  Vespa is recognized around the world as a “Scooter” which is hard to compete with.  The Vespa brand is iconic having been featured in the movie Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.

What do you think of Electric Vespas? A smart move for Vespa?

Vespa Elettrica – The Mobility of the Future According to Vespa

Introducing the Vespa Elettrica project, the new mobility solution according to the most elegant and beloved two-wheeled brand in the world that takes a step into the future in complete consistency with the values that have accompanied its history.

Over four billion of the seven billion people residing on Earth live and work in heavily populated urban areas. New supercities are constantly springing up and, becoming increasingly interconnected, a phenomenon which is set to drive economic and social development. Today almost 80% of the world’s GDP is generated in these huge urban metropoles, which in turn consume 80% of the world’s energy. Higher and higher numbers of people are flocking to these cities, whose size is increasing to accommodate them despite the risk of social collapse owing to liveability problems. The world’s 600 largest cities are now home to 20% of the world’s population and they generate more than 50% of global wealth.

The mobility sector is facing a change of scenery that poses epoch-making challenges connected to the environment, pollution and the quality of life.

In its most advanced developments, the electric engine is currently the favoured solution for the requirements of this new mobility.

A technological and cultural challenge

The Piaggio Group, whose tradition in electric motors dates back as far as the mid-seventies and who launched the first and best-sold hybrid scooter, is investing in the electric mobility of the future, presenting the Vespa Elettrica project at Eicma 2016.

It was only right that such a big challenge would be tackled under the wing of the Vespa brand.

Vespa has changed the lives of entire generations all over the world, always giving the most advanced answer to their desire for mobility that has skilfully interpreted and evolved while still remaining true to itself.

On the back of more than 18 million models, over 1.5 million of which have been sold in the last decade alone, such global success has turned the brand into a universal symbol of elegance and technology.

Now the Vespa Elettrica project confirms the Piaggio Group’s commitment, not only to people mobility, but to a desire to change the way in which people move.

The Vespa Elettrica will, first and foremost, be a true Vespa, bringing the very latest in electric technology to a vehicle that will retain all the features that have been vital to its success.

The style, agility, ease of use and riding pleasure will be the same as the Vespa we have always known, with the addition of technological and innovative connectivity solutions.

A perfect mix of excitement, technology and environmental friendliness that only Vespa can create. Like it has always done in its first seventy years of history.

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One thought on “Are you ready for an Electric Vespa?”

  1. David Mottram says:


    I am currently looking at an opportunity to set up importing and retailing a range of electric scooters and trikes.

    The manufacturing company is based in the USA and has been in business for the last 10 years making it the oldest company in this sector.

    When I first heard of this company I researched and realised their range of two-wheeled scooters is technically superior to any of the other offerings in terms of mileage range, speed, technical specification. They have a wide range of bikes from the equivalent of a 50 cc scooter with a top speed of 30 mph for 16 year old riders all the way through to a scooter that has a top speed of over 90 mph and a range of 180 miles at a speed of 55 mph. The range also include 2 electric bicycles with a top speed of 15 mph that allow a 14-year old to ride without any documents such as licence, insurance, road fund licence etc.

    Towards the end of April the company will be sending to the UK 3 different models of scooter one of which will be a 3-wheel trike( 2 front wheels and 1 rear wheel) that will be trialled by the Metropolitan Police in line with their plan to replace their fleet of around 40 petrol-powered motorcycles. After testing these vehicles will be driven to Portugal by the Lisbon dealer and the journey will be filmed as a publicity exercise. During this period individuals who have expressed interest will also be given the opportunity to test ride the vehicles. The company currently has around 70 scooters in the U.K. purchased by individuals.

    You may also be aware that London will soon apply a pollution charge to petrol and diesel -powered vehicles in London so that will represent another incentive towards electric powered-vehicles. This move towards electric motive power will also affect the thousands of motorcycle couriers who operate in and around the City. In addition, as from March 1st 2017 two-wheeled vehicles also now qualify for a Government grant of up to 20% of the purchase price with a cap of £1500 per vehicle.

    What are you doing with the Club? Are you planning to reflect the market or actively promote this market?


    David Mottram

    07984 933962

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