6,000 Miles on an Electric Motorcycle – USA to Patagonia Update

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Some of you might remember when we wrote about Thomas Tomczyk.  Thomas is a journalist that is attempting to be the first man to go from the USA to Patagonia on an Electric Motorcycle.  He’s calling his journey the Electric Powered Odyssey and he recently announced he’s gone 10,000 kilometers, which is equivalent to 6213 miles, in a posting on his website titled “A Small Landmark.”

A small landmark: my GPS is showing I travelled 10,000 kilometers from Philadelphia to Granada, Nicaragua. Over the past 90 days I travelled across 12 US states, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

He also mentions some of the interesting places he has had to charge his 2012 Zero S motorcycle.

I’ve charged the motorbike at both ordinary and bizarre places: libraries, fire stations, post offices, schools, police stations, coffee shops, restaurants, banks, schools, a Louisiana jail, museums, at an ice cream truck, and even at a casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The savings he’s had for not paying for gas have added up.

While I share the story of this Electric Odyssey and fundraise for the Wounded Warrior Project I am meeting the most amazing people. We exchange stories, ideas and energy and so far I have not paid for a single charge. The savings in fuel (compared to a 50 MPG motorbike and $4/gallon gasoline) are around $500, plus saving of two oil changes – $120.

It would be good to know what electricity would have cost to “fill up” vs gas.  Whatever it is I’m sure it still would be a miniscule amount. Perhaps the $620 dollar savings to some people wouldn’t be worth the hassle.  Thomas Tomczyk is trying to show what’s possible with electric vehicles and saving some money is more of a side benefit.

Thomas still has a way to go on his electric motorcycle journey but he’s been making great progress.  We encourage everyone to follow him on the website Electric Powered Odyssey to stay updated with the USA to Patagonia road trip.

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